Poker, basics and musing
A three + year veteran in the world of casual on-line poker, I've been writing about poker since I started playing. Originally the purpose of writing was to help me to remember things that I learned in hopes that I would actually use them while playing. Over time the writings have taken on a philosophical/psychological bent and hopefully the strategy and thinking has become a little more sophisticated.

But I've never been a heavy grinder, someone who logs multiple hours a day playing poker. I've probably spent as much time thinking and writing about poker as actually playing it.

Read up on some of the basics of poker, or see what poker thoughts I've thinking lately.

PokerAnon, poker philosopher/shrink
Poker Anon
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Poker starters:
  • Starting poker hands
  • Book reviews
  • Terminology and abbreviations

  • Calculating odds
  • Count your outs
  • Pot odds
  • Odds on the river
  • Using percentages
  • Bet sizing, Implied odds

  • Online Poker Sites
  • Choosing an online poker site
  • Freeroll strategy
  • Freeroll strategy; how to play
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  • Poker games, simulators, and practice programs
  • Poker stats, analysis and HUD
  • The latest entries in some favorite categories from within the main blog

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