gTm Productions presents jazz music and musician lists and listings for Vancouver, British Columbia. Groups and bands range from cool solo saxophone, to smooth combos, to big band swing. Ideal background for a lounge, bar, restaurant, or special event. Live entertainment at it's best.
in Vancouver, BC
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JGJ Jazz Trio - A 4 instrument jazz trio, playing jazz classics

"From soul to swing, Canadians are lining up to buy their jazz and blues. Sales of jazz and blues labels are enjoying a surge, soaring 45.4% from 1998 to 2000, while sales of almost all other forms of music declined."

From Statistics Canada report, July 7, 2003

Paper Moon Orchestra - The swingin'est big band sounds in Vancouver.

Sax Solo - Looking for something on a smaller scale?

Jazz Scales - A theoretical and practical look at jazz scales and their uses.

Luthier work - New instruments and projects underway


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